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Tony Karp's new electronic book, "Techno-Impressionism - Art and Technology," is a fantastic blend of art and technology -- The most advanced electronic book ever designed.

With pictures that span over fifty years of art and photography, and with enhanced interactivity that lets you explore and discover this exciting work.

Take a look. It will change your mind about art and about books forever.

This book is a PDF document that contains advanced (magical) interactive features. We have used a spell checker to guarantee that all of the magic is correct.

The "BookBar" interface at the bottom of the screen has controls to help you navigate the book. Move your cursor over each control and you will see a tooltip telling you what that control does.

You can also view the book as a slideshow where it automatically turns the pages. Just press the Play button to start the show and the Pause button to stop it.
Note: the slideshow is only available in Full Screen mode.

The index pages are "live" -- click on a thumbnail image and you'll be taken to that page. The Contents page is "live" as well.

The "Back" button lets you retrace your steps, just like in a web browser. This is especially handy when using the index pages.

Some of the pages have a green "Detail" button in the lower righthand corner. Click it and you will see a detaIl of the page or, in some cases, a surprise. Click the red button to return to the page.

Some pages have interactive features that you can activate by moving your cursor over the page. There will be instructions on those pages.

It's a book that you'll want to explore.

It's the future of artistic publishing.

Please email me with comments, questions, or suggestions.

Tony Karp



Version .067- July 18, 2011
approx 41 megabytes

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