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Some background: I've been involved with photography, art, and technology for over fifty years.

In 1959, I freelanced to NBC, taking all the pictures for their fall season advertising. I've had pictures in Life and an number of other magazines.

Then I spent some time writing for Modern Photography.

In the late sixties, I worked on designing and building equipment used in motion pictures. In 1970, I was nominated for an Academy Award for my computerized zoom lens that would be used to shoot the opening scene of The Godfather.

Then I spent about thirty years as a consultant, designing computers systems for large banks brokerages, etc.

In the mid 1990s, I turned back to photography, but now coupled with a knowledge of computers, working to produce something new. I called this blending of art and technology "Techno-Impressionism."

Now I'm working on a new approach to art and photography books designed to be viewed on a computer.

There are three books available at my online bookstore:

The Artmuse Variations began with a photograph that another photographer sent me. It's a self portrait. The book contains fifty variations on this one image.

When in Rome...An Artist's Journey is the result of a trip to Italy in 2003. It's all photographs, with a little magic thrown in

Techno-Impressionism -- Art and Technology is a collection of photographs that goes from 1959 to the present. It's divided into different genres.

The books are interactive PDFs, and can be viewed on any computer that has Adobe Reader. The books were created in InDesign and Acrobat, plus some special software to add features that Adobe left out.


I'm hoping that you can find time to take a look at my books.


Please email me with comments, questions, or suggestions.

Tony Karp

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